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Slow and steady wins the race is a very common say, and you may have heard it many times, which means that you should do your work slowly but at a steady state that is you should not procrastinate your work and should not do rest while doing your work.

Slow and steady wins the race means to be successful, and you should not do hurry and also should not waste time in doing anything other.

It is seen that people do their work very fast but they take a rest for a time and due to which they get diverted from the work and their speed also decreases they think that they will complete their work within the time and they have much time to complete their work and take rest, and when it is late they think that they should have been started their work area rather than resting so that it would have been completed till now.

Slow and steady is, and very famous say which is being followed by many of the people but nowadays people don’t have time to do their work slow so that they have their work fast, but it is seen that you are not wasting your time in between doing your work so that you will complete it earlier.


There is one of the famous stories on these slow and steady wins the race. The story is about a race between and tortoise and a rabbit, as you know the tortoise is very slow in walking where is the rabbit runs very fast.

Once the rabbit and the tortoise meet each other and plan to have a race between each other and fine who wins the race, both became ready for the race.

As the restarted the rabbit started running fast, and the tortoise was working very slowly, and after the interval, the rabbit thought that the tortoise is very behind and it would take time to complete the race, so he decided to take a rest.

Why taking rest and eating carrots rabbit got an small nap due to which he couldn’t see that the tortoise has cross him and is going towards the end of the race bite when rabbit opened his eyes tortoise was going to complete his race and rabbit started running very fast, but tortoise cross the finish line first and prove that it doesn’t matter that you are slow in your work or your offer you should have the ambition of doing your work and should not get distracted while doing your work so that you will complete your work in a short time.


The conclusion of the say slow and steady wins the race is that you should do your work prominently and also you should stop procrastinating your word which means you should not bring delay in your work and think that you will do it afterward rather than you should eat continuously so that it will complete earlier.

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