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When God created this world, he made the most miraculous thing i.e. water. Water is a priceless gift of nature. Water is essential for survival, in short, it is impossible to survive without water.

Water always keeps us healthy and fit, as well as because of water, our body can work well. Water is not only important for humans but also for all the creatures and vegetation on the earth.

Different Uses of Water 

To Drink  

Drinking water is important for the survival of living beings. So, one of the main uses of water is drinking.

For Cooking  

Water is also used for cooking. Many dishes like rice, soups, curry, etc. require water. In addition, even vegetables and fruits have to be washed thoroughly before eating or cooking.

Cleaning, Washing, and Sanitation 

Whether it is cleaning the house, office, car, and machinery or anything for that matter, it is not possible without using water. Water is used for bathing. Water is required for all cleaning operations.

Water is also needed to wash clothes, utensils and many other things. Water is also required for the purpose of sanitation. It helps in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Water is Important For Plant Growth 

Plants prepare their food through photosynthesis. Water is an essential part of this process. As we water the plants, it enters their trunk and goes to their leaves. It draws nutrients from the soil and carries them to the leaves.

Without a proper supply of water, plants do not get enough nutrients and photosynthesis cannot occur. While some plants need to be watered twice a day while others require watering once a week, there are others that can go weeks without water, especially during cold weather.

Water is an Essential Part of The Human Body

Research shows that 60% of the human body is made up of water. Water helps in many functions of the body including blood circulation, digestion, regulating body temperature, protecting tissues and joints, and flushing out waste through sweat, defecation, and urination.

Ways to Save Water

There are several ways out of how water can be saved very easily. Everyone should understand their own responsibility and use water sparingly and save water.

  • Out of the water we use for the garden, toilet, and cleaning, if a little water is saved, a lot of water can be saved.
  • The water that we get from the rain can be used to wash toilets, water for laundries, garden plants and for showering.
  • Clothes should be washed in the washing machine only if a lot of clothes have been collected. With this, we can save water as well as electricity every month.
  • If the bucket is used for bathing instead of showers, then water can be saved almost every day.
  • We should check whether all the taps are closed properly so that no water should be wasted.
  • Water should not be used while playing Holi.
  • When we wash hands or any fruit, we should wash them with water in a mug instead of washing them under the tap.
  • We should plant trees that require less water.


Even after the water is recycled naturally, the amount of freshwater on the earth is rapidly decreasing. This is all due to the negligence of humans.

We waste water for many purposes throughout the day. So we should use water carefully and should tell our family members, children, friends, neighbors to save water.

Updated: March 20, 2020 — 11:25 am

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