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The rainy season is the best season of all the time. Well, we have three seasons but the most I love the rainy season and in this season most of the people have fun just because of the rain and the love to enjoy the raindrops.

Romantic Rain

Talk about the most lovable season all the time because it is the most romantic season you can find on the planet that it connects different-different emotions. Even people watch the raindrops with a cup of tea and snacks it is the most fantastic and visionary thinking which anyone can imagine.

Farmers Love Rain

If we look at the situation of each and every farmer in the country there are so many farmers who are still depending upon the rain for farming. There is no key source of water to their farms and they have to wait for the rain so that they can proceed with the work the whole year and with the help of natural rainwater their work is completed.

So far and far before the rain comes as Spam come to see the water when it also happens sometimes discourse full form but as a farmer, we have to take a rest and wait for the right time to come whatever happens right or wrong, I am very much understandable with the situation

Heavy Rainfall

And now if we talk about a heavy rainfall what happens if the rain is too much in the areas where the consumption of water supply is not proper. Well, that is a very big problem nowadays in Mumbai because Mumbai is a city where the population of people is too much that is the reason there are so many houses made in recent years.

To make those house and buildings they have to cover so many lakes and rivers because of that today if it rains heavily 2 to 4 hours the whole Mumbai start sinking in water. To get rid of this problem we should take some important steps so that the water consumption works properly.

Human Died in Rainfall

Now if we talk about died of the human being it is getting increased every year. The number of people getting died in rainfall too much now because every year the water is increasing in the local areas and because of which people are dying.

There are so many houses who are on the ground level and each and every person who lives over their faces too many problems. For example, the things they had kept to eat for a very long time get destroyed in the heavy rainfall even there are people whose houses get destroyed just because of rain.

Problems of Animal in the Rain

Now if we talk about the humans we all feel that it is so wrong that the human beings are facing this kind of problems but we all know that it is the human who has created this problem if you want to feel a pity we should only feel for the animals.

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Updated: November 7, 2019 — 9:41 am

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