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Diwali is a festival of Hindus but nowadays nobody believes in the casteism to celebrate any festival. People are now understanding that the festival is just a way to be happy and enjoy with everyone. It is not something belonging to a particular person it is a festival and it should be celebrated with everyone.

Why we Celebrate Diwali?

According to the mythological stories, Diwali is celebrated because Lord Rama returned to his home Ayodhya after 14 years. On this day every year Diwali celebrated with all the love and joy in every family.

Well there are few more reasons for which Diwali is celebrated here are few of the reasons which we can discuss.

Lord Rama Returned to His Home

On this day Lord Rama returned his home Ayodhya after 14 years of punishment given by his father. Is in this duration Lord Ram was not alone he has followed by his wife Sita and has smaller brother Lakshman.

All of them went for the punishment one together with Lord Ram and on the day of Diwali all of them returned home with the happiness and to meet their family members.

Lord Ram was the eldest son of his father, when they came back from the punishment all the people started bursting crackers, putting candles in their houses to show that how happy they are by retaining of Lord Rama. Is saying that it was declared that this day of Lord Rama returns will be celebrated as Diwali every year.

Harvest Festival

Even there is one more story which explains the importance of this day, as we all know India is an agricultural country which is one of the leading manufacturer of rice.

This is the time when the farmers cut their field to collect the price from it. It is a very important time for every farmer in his life because this is the time when he gets the reward of his hard work so this is also a reason to celebrate with all the joy.

The Birth of Laxmi

India is the place where you can find different cards for different things as similar for money and wealth. The Lakshmi is being worshipped on this same day. The goddess of Lakshmi was born so that the people on earth can worship her and get the wealth for home every year on the same day of Diwali.

There is the Puja of Goddess Laxmi saying her that you should be with us for and the next year also. Every Hindu family make sure that they worship of  Goddess Laxmi and they believe that all the development which is done by them is just because of Goddess of Lakshmi.

Pollution on Diwali

Where we see all this love joy and happiness we also do the pollution which is done on this particular day. Most of the people now use heavy heavy crackers to just burst them out without any reason which makes the air polluted very badly.

On the particular day of Diwali the pollution crisis by 2% every year it is came to the notice of the government and have started burning the cracker.

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