Essay On Shopping Malls For Students & Children In Simple English

A shopping mall is a place which has many modern things in it such as a complex of shops representing types of merchandisers and many walkways that enable the customer to go from unit to unit and to purchase some things.

There are many big-big shopping malls that are being made for the people and mostly the shopping malls are been made in the urban areas with big buildings in it and it is a big area that is occupied by many small shops and convert it into a big shopping mall.

The first shopping mall that has been introduced was in London and then in Paris, it has been developed and it becomes very famous among the people and many of the places are being replaced by this shopping malls as new technologies are being introduced in the late 19th century. And from then all over the countries, there are many shopping malls that are been made for the enjoyment and entertainment of the people.

In A Shopping Mall

Mostly shopping malls are available in the areas where there is well developed city all around as the things in shopping malls are very branded rates and because of this it is mostly consumed by the highest standard people because of this it is mostly developed in the urban areas.

From the past there are been many development that has been done in the shopping malls as many entertainment venues like movie theatres restaurants and many things that are been added in a shopping mall as it is the single build structure many things are being constructed in it and it takes a lot of space and the area for the construction that is why it is mostly constructed in the big cities and the only is available in the urban sector.

There are many types of shopping malls that have been constructed they are neighborhoods centers community Mall regional centers fashion Centre PowerCenter outlet Centre festival center and many types of malls are been constructed. Indian neighborhood Centre Mostly the neighborhood centers are been constructed for the local neighborhood peoples and typically has some supermarket in it.

In the community malls, they are the malls which are in large number then the neighborhood centers as it is constructed in a wide range and has many types of goods in it with a great discount department store for the people. And like this, there are also many different types of malls that are being constructed for the public welfare and for the entertainment of the people.

The Trend In The Youngsters

As there are many shopping malls that are being constructed in many of the areas of every country it has become the trend amongst youngsters as most of the students like to bunk their schools and colleges and visit to the shopping malls to see the movies and also eat in the restaurants that are made in the malls also there are many playing games sector that are being constructed in a shopping mall and because of these most people like to visit the shopping malls to entertain themselves.

Everything is available in the shopping mall from the vegetables to the fashioning things all the things are available in the shopping mall and because of this mostly like people like to visit to purchase anything in the shopping mall as they can get anything in it.

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