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All that glitters is not gold is a well-known saying, which has had different variations throughout the world, has a rather specific meaning.

By saying that not everything that shines is gold, we try to imply that not all things are what they seem. Just as the phrase ‘appearances deceive’, this saying tries to remind us that things are usually appreciated in a way, but that this can be deceptive.

A Way Of Alert

Most proverbs try to leave us teaching, but this old saying tries to alert you to the decisions you make in life or the things that come our way.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

For everyone perfectionism is the greatest goal that a human being can reach, unfortunately, it is not possible and many wastes their lives and pass their happiness through the window looking for something that does not exist.

There are always analyzing the circumstances and things before making a decision. Remember that the exterior of an object, person or circumstance does not always reflect what is really inside it.

All Have A Small Dark Side

The most beautiful and easy things in life, they always have a small dark side. How many times have we not met a person who seems to be exemplary, and then we discover that he really is a different person? This is where the concept of public appearance is applied.

Hiding The Truth

We understand as public appearance the first impression that we try to reflect before people or some social group. Some deals with the issue of public appearance based on the idea of ​​a positive contribution, as order and measure that balances the world. However many other authors think the opposite, that pretending only serves to hide the truth that you do not want to be known.

Pretending To Be Good

Personally, appearances tend to summon feelings of shame and social ideologies, and we adopt them in trying to hide our weakness so as not to be hurt.

The gold mentioned in the saying evokes the positive, good and media perfection that we often believe to be true. Not by pretending to be something useful or correct means that we are.


We are currently getting carried away by first impressions, that we do not focus on reflecting if what we have in front of us is so good.

While for some something is correct, for other people it may be not so right. This is what differentiates individuals and complicates the context of our saying.

 Many people easily get attracted toward the others belonging no matter they are good or not, but if they have a very precious object, it will be not likened by them. And when they borrow the others object, they get to understand that all that glitter is not gold.


Every people should, and take care of their thought and action because if once they commit the mistake, it is very tough to make it correct so have to think twice before forming an opinion for others.

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