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To save a girl child it has been said to protect the girls as there are many people who do the female foeticide in which girls are killed in the womb of the mother and it is a very illegal thing that is done by the people as girls are being neglected by the people.

This female foeticide is a crime as the people see the baby through the process of ultrasound and this ultrasound process is illegal all over the world and they do discrimination between the girl child and a boy child.

Men and women should be considered as equal in the world as a woman is very much necessary than men as she gives birth to the other human so the girl should not be killed they should be saved and give them equal opportunities to go ahead.

There is a great ratio difference between the birth of girls and boys because when there is a boy child to be born people do not abort it but when a girl child to be born people abort the baby and this has become a great problem of gender differences.

As through the sources, there are about 940 girls equal to 1000 boys. Not only by the female foeticide but the women are also the victims of harassment and the dowry systems and it is very harsh for them to live in the society.

Why it Needs to Save a Girl Child

The girl’s child should be saved by the people as mostly the female foeticide is the illegal crime and to stop this abortion person should save girl child and also there are many reasons for saving a girl child. A girl can be a mother or wife daughter and sister and you should think that his wife is the daughter of another man so everyone must respect of women in any form.

Mostly the practice of female foeticide is being done in India as in India there are many dowry system that has been on women and because of this most of the parents neglected to have a girl child.

There is not any problem in that if a child is a girl or boy every child should be respected as he or she brings happiness in the family but in the past, the dowry systems and the harassment of the girls force their parents to neglect a girl child in their family.

From the past to today’s India government has taken many things to get solve these problems and they have been working on it and organize many camps for this problem to be get solved.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Camp

As there is been increased in the ratio of female foeticide the Government of India has organized and launched a camp known as Beti Bachao Beti padhao in the year 2015 to create a great Awareness for the girl child and as well as to improve the birth rates of the girl child.

This camp has been organized by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who helps the girls from all types of problems and this campaign is supported by various government Organisation in India as it is a great scheme that has been implemented by our government to save a girl child in our Indian society.

So by these, the girls in our Indian society get a proper and equal knowledge and education as compared to the boys and they are equal to the boys and also are ahead in many fields as compared to the boy child and it is a great move by the Indian government to support a girl child

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