Sanskrit Bhasha Ka Mahatva Essay On Sanskrit Language For Students & Children In Simple English


Sanskrit is an ancient language which was used in the Asian countries and their also various language which are derived from the Sanskrit language.

The Sanskrit language is also known as the Deva bhasha as it is like the language of gods and sometimes also known as Dev Vani as it has a voice of god.

From the 10th century the Sanskrit language is being written in the Devanagari script, but today the language of Sanskrit is printed in the Vernacular Indian script.

The Sanskrit is also derived from a word known as Samayak kritam which has the meaning of polished or a perfect verb.

There is the use of the Sanskrit language in the Asian countries and mostly in India as during the ancient age people used to know Sanskrit when there was no language like English and Hindi and Marathi there was only Sanskrit.

There were various books written in Sanskrit and the role also various poet like Kalidasa who wrote various acts and poem in Sanskrit.

There are also various books written in Sanskrit and download is there is an additional subject for the people in India known as Sanskrit


The Sanskrit language has an ancient history, and it is and member of Indo Iranian sub family of language. It is also found that that are closest relative to the Iranian language Avestan.

There were various features provided by the Sanskrit language in other Indo European languages, and it was also seen that Sanskrit was and based language to various other Indo European languages.

The oldest Sanskrit text found was in the religious text of the Rig Vedic culture which consists of various information about Rig Veda.

There is also various text found about the Sama Veda yajur Veda Ayurveda and brahaman dance and finishes which were like a court in the ancient period where people used to discuss various problems.

The Sanskrit language is the oldest language among all as it has various traces found of Sanskrit language in various Golden documents.


Sanskrit is a very important language, and it is also very harder to learn as it contains various words which are very hard to pronounce.

But the Sanskrit language is, and better language than all languages as it has every single word you need and also have different pronunciation, and also they have different meanings.

But there are some languages which have different words but same pronunciation for example in the English language the word, no and know are pronounced the same but have the different meaning due to which the single pronunciation of the word cannot understand you have to know where the pronunciation is used.

The Sanskrit language is, and base for various languages, for example, various religious language are derived from the Sanskrit language and also the famous language English in which certain letters are derived from the Sanskrit language.

It is also seen that Sanskrit is an ancient language it has been found in various ancient documents which are written in Sanskrit.

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