Essay On Road Safety For Students & Children In Simple English


Road safety is and major topic to save the various life of each person and also it is very important that everyone is Awareness of the road safety. Almost everyone travel throughout the day by their own vehicle or public vehicles and sometimes by walking so it is very necessary that they should know various road safety issues that how you should walk on the road and also how should you drive on the road and also what should be done when an accident takes place on behalf of you or near you.

10 road safety is not only made for the people who are driving their vehicles on the road but it is also made for the people who are walking outside a road which are in more dangerous than the people who are hiding their vehicles.

It is said that everyone should follow the road safety rules and regulation in order to save their own lives and also save various huge accident which takes various life and also lead to the death of various people. So it is necessary to follow the rules and regulations of road safety while using the Roadways.


There are various road safety rules which play an important place in understanding the people that how we should use the road while traveling from one place to another and it also here is an idea or to the driver what should be the speed limit on the road.

The people use the road signs for understanding that how we should write on the road like there is a turn then there is a word which indicates that there is a turn on which side whether it be a left or right turn so that the driver gets and prior notice and who the handle firmly.

It should also be taken the carrot and the signboards are easily visible to the driver that is if they are not fallen down or they are covered by a tree or anything which might lead to an accident.

There are various rules of road safety which tells you how to walk on the road there is the various line drawn on the road which describes the partition of the road for incoming and outgoing vehicles and also provides a little space for the people who walk on the road. There should be special care taken while crossing the road should be seen that you use the zebra crossing for crossing the road to save your own life.


Following the road safety rules is very important and also it is very important to wear helmet while driving a open vehicle like a two-wheeler vehicle and also wearing seatbelt when you move in a car or bus or used vehicles which are very important why an accident takes place it protects you from falling from your feet and also protects you from getting hurt due to getting heated by anything in the bus.

Road safety is very important to see various life and also gets a from the various injury that happens on the road due to the various accident that takes place on the road.

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