Essay On Punjabi Culture For Students & Children In Simple English

The Punjabi is the culture which is mostly seen in the Indian country as there are a number of Punjabi people who live in Indian country, and their spoken language and literature cuisine Technology architectures and their tradition and values and history of the Punjabi people are being seen in India, and the term Punjabi is meant to a people who live in Punjab and also speak the Punjabi language.

Meaning Of Punjab

Punjab is the name that is originated from the Persian language as the panj means five and the ab which is water and they together combined and form Punjab as it is the land of five rivers. Punjabi culture is also being famous for their tradition their cuisine and mostly their famous dance which is Bhangra is mostly famous all over India.

Not only in India but the Punjabi people is also seen in many Asian countries, and also the other continent, as well as their nature, is very friendly, so they attached to the other people very easily.

In India, Punjab is situated in the northwest side of India and some part of Punjab is in the north east of Pakistan and five rivers that are around Punjab are Beas Satluj Ravi Chenab and Jhelum.

There also many tourist places that are seen in Punjab as Punjab is the holiest place for Sikh shrines. The Golden temple which is situated in Amritsar is a tourist attraction place. The Punjabi culture is also renowned for their utmost interest in arts and crafts as there are many decorative designs and handicraft that are being made in Punjab. Many paintings and also Many wooden types of furniture beautifully crafted are being seen in Punjab.

The Tradition Of Punjabi

The tradition of the Punjabi religion is very well known by the other religions as well as their dance their music and also there are rituals is loved by the people. The language of the Punjabi people is mostly written in the Gurmukhi language in India, and another country like Pakistan the language of Punjabi is being written in Shahmukhi which is similar to the Urdu language.

In the Punjabi literature, there are many poems that are written, and the famous love story of heer and ranjha is written in the Punjabi language, and it is loved by all the people.

The traditional dress code of the Punjabi men’s are mostly kurta, and that and the traditional dress for the woman is salwar suit, and they are very popular. Along with the tradition and culture the Punjabi festivals are being celebrated by the people as there many festivals like Lohri Baisakhi guru Nanak Jayanti and many more and these all festivals are celebrated by all the people.

As the Punjabi people are very much loving and friendly people and this religion is a religion which helps the other people as well, and some Punjabi people are being lived in India and other countries with the other religion equally and happily.

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