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Project Tiger was started to save the tigers in India because the tigers count was getting very much low than comparatively to the other animals. So the project Tiger was started to save them from any kind of situations.

When did Project Tiger Started?

The project to save Tiger was started on 1 April 1973 and it is going on still today. Today the count of tigers in India is just 1400 yes you heard me right the count of tigers are only 1400 in India which is the second largest populated country in the world have only 1400 tigers left with it.

This was the reason behind to start the project to save tiger. Till today everyone is trying to save them as whatever means necessary and some or the other way we are going towards a positive direction to save the tigers.

From Home to See the Tigers

Well the Tigers were getting disappeared by many reasons but the famous reason behind getting disappeared of tigers was the people who love to hunt them out. Well tiger’s skin is very thick and strong and the people understand that if they kill them and sell their skin they can earn more than they imagine and it is true that the cost of the tiger skin is too much in the market. But that does not gives anyone the right to kill them and sell their skin.

Every living being has a right to live and there is no way that any human being has the right to take any other living beings life from and it was God who gave you the life and it is the God who is going to take back.

Food Production for Tigers

The second main decision to start the project that Tigers were getting disappeared because of lack of food. When the Tigers get old it is very hard for them to hunt an animal and eat them because they can’t be so healthy for their whole life, even the Tigers get older and die with a natural death. But some of the Tigers just die because they don’t get the proper meal in the whole day and that was the reason that the Tigers were getting disappear.

Somehow government came to know about the situation and the government started saving the Tigers by catching them and keeping them into safe place where they monitor them. The Tigers are kept very well and treated them in very good condition the most important thing was that they were keeping a proper treatment for the Tigers so that they do not get any kind of disease.

NGOs to Save Tiger

There are so many NGOs well the full form of NGO is non-government organizations. Well these organizations help the animals to live their life without any kind of fear which the human being give them. They always stand for the animals and their welfare they tried to raise funds so that all the animals who cannot speak into the human languages can also have a proper meal in their daily routine.

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