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The population can be said as the group of the people living together in an area, and the population is distributed country to country as in India there is more population that the some of the other countries. It is being said that India is the second most populated country in the world as there are many different types of religions that have been living in India.

It is said that the population is increasing at a faster rate than the food supply. As from the past, the population of India is increasing as there is more birth rate that has been increased in Indian and the percentage of death rate that it is decreasing and because of the population of India is increasing to about 1 to 2 billion. And it is said that as this population is increasing by the standard, it could reach about 3-4 billion in future and India could be the first country in the number of population.

The Population Rate Of India

India is the second most populated country in the world as mostly occupied 2.41 % of the world land area and that is about 18% of the world population, and it has been measured according to the census.

The population rate of India is increased because as there are many states and many different types of religious people lives there as there are many types of religions that can be found in India. It has been seen that as there is the number of population in India but in this population, most numbers of people are poor and live in villages and there are only a few numbers of people who live in the urban areas. And because the poor and the overpopulation it has become a major problem for India.

In India the birth rates are increasing, and the death rate is decreasing, and the most number of population is between the age of 7-25, and the other population is between the ages of 40 and above as there has been decreasing in death rate is decreasing, and the birth rate is increasing and because of this there is a problem of overpopulation in India.

As we can see that in the other foreign countries there are mostly two three religions that are being lived but in India there are about many religions that are living together United, and there are many people in every religion, and this together forms overpopulation in our country as all this religious have different types of traditions and things they are being celebrated equally.

Problems Due To Overpopulation

India is the populated country, so because of this there can create major problems in our country due to the overpopulation in India there are many poor people as compared to the rich people, and because of this the government and the rules that have been made and because of all this the rich gets more money and the poor get no money as well as to eat and because of this overpopulation and the unemployment it lacks India’s development.

For the overpopulation to be controlled Government of India is also taking some measures to control the overpopulation, and this can help in the development of the country and there would be no overpopulation and every people in the country would get all the things equally.

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