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Population growth can be said as the increase in the number of individual in the world or a country. There are over 83 million people that are growing annually and it increasing the global human population.

There are many countries whose population is growing rapidly day by day, and also they have no standards of living, and because of this low standard, this country is not able to serve the people properly because of this growing population in their country.

The population growth gains an individual through their birth, and they lose the individual when they die and mostly the birth rate has been increased as compared to the death rate in the past years.

The population growth from the past centuries has been grown up to a very high range as from the 18th century till today’s world the population growth has about 10 to 12 billion globally.

The Growth Of Population From The Past

From the past years, the growth of population has been increased around 1.09 % per year, and it is increasing year by year some time it goes down, and sometimes it ranges up to 1.14 % as 83 million people per year, and this range of population growth is very high.

It is measured by the population growth rate as it is the rate by which the number of individual in a population increases in a given period and it is expressed as a fraction of the initial population.

As there is more growth of population all over the world because of this, there are only limitations of food and daily uses of people as the daily growth of people, and because of this, the capacity of food that is based on earth has been getting shorter as the growth of population is increasing. At last, it would be a question that how many people do Earth support as it also has some limitations for its resources.

Overpopulation can be an undesirable condition where the population exceeds the capacity of the earth, and it can deplete the resources, and there is short of mortality rate because of this it creates overpopulation.

The increase in the birth rate and the decrease in the death rate is the main reason for the overpopulation. More individuals are born per year, and that is why the limitation of the natural resources are getting shorter day by day.

Population In India

India is a very much populated country, and the population has become a problem in India as this problem is growing more and more, and in future, it is said that India would surpass China in the most populated country on the planet.

In India, on the Northern side, the fertility rate has been increased and the molarity rate has been decreased very much so because of this mostly population is increasing in India as the morality death rate as been decreasing and the over increasing of fertility rate.

According to the census from the past years that has been more increase of the population growing year by year in India.

So for the betterment of the people, the population should be controlled as all the people could be able to get the good amount of sources by the earth and by this the population rate should be controlled and the fertility and death rate should be balanced.

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