Pongal Festival Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


The festival Pongal is the biggest harvest festival celebrated by the people living in the south of India.

It is a festival before starting the harvesting of the crop on this occasion of formal people gently thanks to the God and also to the son who plays a vital role in the agriculture of the crops and also helps them in creating a good number of crops.

The festival of Pongal is mostly celebrated in the rural areas of the Tamilnadu where various crops are grown in a huge field.

The people come together and remove time from the busy schedule for the agriculture and celebrate this festival of Pongal.

On the day of Pongal people give rise to the God and also after the core price in their own house.



The festival of Pongal is celebrated for 4 degrees for the people of Tamilnadu where is days have its importance and different type of celebration.

The first day of Pongal is the Bhogi Pongal it is the day before the actual celebration of Pongal festival in which the people start cleaning their houses and make it clean and neat and also did decorate their houses to various decorative material as it is known that God come to your house and they also decorate the earthen vessels which are made up of mud with the Swastik and kumkum and also the movements make rangoli outside the house.

After reach, the second day of Pongal comes it is also known as Surya Pongal in which every member of the house go for a ride to the chord and also stay at the milk in the rice.

The third day is the Mattu Pongal in which the people thank each other, and it is also known as a Thanksgiving Day in which everyone comes together and play the variety of Kings on this day.

The fourth day is annum Pongal it is a day in which the people come together and celebrate the festival of Pongal, and they also share various information with each other while sitting together.



The festival of Pongal has and great significance over the agriculture of the people living in Tamilnadu as it gives the power of doing farming with great joy and doing hard work in the field to provide good crops.

During the festival of Pongal, the people have great believed on the sun as it is very important for the crops to get a beautiful sunrise so that they can prepare their food and become healthy.

The festival of Pongal also gave the power of positiveness towards the agriculture and also gives them the ability to do hard work in the field of the farm.


Everyone waits for the festival of Pongal and also celebrate the festival of Pongal with your joy and prepare themselves a positive attitude so that they can do the harvesting of their crops.

The festival of Pongal also makes people make their house clean and Beautiful by decorating it through various means which creates a nice feeling of the festival and also decrease the stress on the People’s life.

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