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Road safety is the very important topic which has to be known by every person in the world as everyone goes through the road for traveling every day, so it is very necessary that everyone knows the road safety rules and regulations.

Road safety is not only made for the people riding their vehicles on the road but it is also made for the people who walked on the road, because sometimes it is saying that people walking on the road does a mistake due to which the person has to move his vehicle differently and which causes a huge accident.

Everyone should follow road safety to reduce the death or injuries caused due to the road accidents and also to save their own life.

There is also various campaign have started to spread the Awareness of road safety, and there also have a visit to every school and colleges to spread the Awareness of road safety among the students and also tell the students to spread this awareness of road safety to your family and friends.


The primary method of road safety is to reduce the speed of your vehicle and also control it as per the road safety speed provided on the road there is various speed limit board on the way which tells us what the limit of speed for driving your vehicle on the road is.

The use of seat belt is also an essential method of road safety which reduces the risk of getting the injury while a minor accident but nowadays there is a new technology known as airbags which also helps in major disasters and has saved many lives till now.

There are also nowadays child safety seeds which give a comfortable seat to the child and also protect him from falling why and accident.

The major and main role of road safety is wearing helmets because most of the time people die in the various accident due to not wearing helmets as helmets provide and strong protection to the skull.

Many of the accident has taken place due to the people drinking alcohol and driving the vehicle, so that are various drinking and driving laws to protect from such cases. There is also a term known as a safe distance in which are safe distance is maintained between the other vehicles.


The road safety has decreased the number of accidents and also lower the amount of injury caused by the accident. Due to road safety nowadays the people have also started driving the vehicle slowly, and also they follow proper rules while driving the road.

Road safety has made the road for the people who drive and also for the people who walked on the road. It has also controlled the number of death which have caused due to the accidents.

Road safety has also provided I use the hand in bringing new technologies for making the vehicles safer such as Anti Lock Braking System which place I use role in reducing the number of accidents.

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Updated: January 5, 2019 — 10:39 am

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