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Pollution is said as the problems that cause in the natural environment because of the pollution and all the chemical substances are very much harmful for our human body as because of this pollution such as air pollution when we breathe air the harmful polluted air enters our body and creates harmful effects so because of this we get diseased not only by the air but by all the pollutions are very much harmful to our body.

Pollution is mostly caused by the people from the past as the people use the natural environment for their use and because of this they did not take care of it and produced many of the harmful substances into the environment that harm the environment at creating pollution.

Mostly the pollution is created in the urban areas as there is more Industrialist who uses many harmful Chemicals and releases it in the water or air and so because of this creates pollution in the environment.

Other Forms Of Pollution

Other than the pollution that created in the urban areas not only by the industries but also the pollution is created by the nuclear testing as the radioactive pollution that is created by this and as in the urban areas there are more vehicle people blow horns and because of these horns noise pollution gets created people get harm by this noise.

In urban areas industries are present and because of this they have the harmful chemical substances used to work in the industry and because of this they release these harmful chemical substances through the air or water and because of this it pollutes the air and water and when people breathe air and drink water they get disease, and some people can also die.

People throw plastics and many dirty things around the natural environment and so because of this pollution gets created when people breathe it they get diseased.

This waste material that people throw pollutes the air water and soil, and that is very harmful to throw these things which do not decompose, and because of this plastic it creates many harmful things in nature pollutes it.

Not only the people but because of this pollution the animals and plants are also get affected.

Control Of Pollution

As the pollution is very harmful to the human health, the people get affected by it and because of the pollution nature get imbalance and because of this many natural disasters could cause and so bring close to all of these people should control and try not to harm the environment and to stop creating pollution.

It is only in the hands of the people to control the pollution as to control the pollution they can be used recycling process preventing and not to use plastic and only use the things that could decompose easily do not spread waste all over the environment and all the things that could be possible to control the pollution and by this our environment could be pollution free and people can live easily.

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