Essay On Indian Festivals For Students & Children In Simple English

Festival is said as an event or the tradition that is celebrated by a community of people in their religion or culture.

Festivals are often marked as the local holiday or the national holiday where all the people celebrate different types of the religious festival, and every religious festival has holidays to celebrate.

There are many religions in our India such as Hindu Muslim Christian Jainism Buddhism, and also many of the religions are there in India, and all the religions have different types of culture and tradition, and in this culture, they have different types of festivals and all the festival are celebrated by the people equally in India.

Mostly festivals are celebrated as for the significance and Honour for their God and there are also many different types of festivals such arts festival food festivals seasonal and harvesting festival and also many different types of festivals that have been celebrated in different regions and different religions with a different types of culture and tradition in all the religion.

Indian Festivals

There are about many types of festivals that are being celebrated in India, and mostly they are some of the biggest festivals of India that are being celebrated by all the people they are Diwali Holi Shivratri which is usually celebrated in Hindu religion and after that Ramzan Eid which is celebrated in Muslim religion and also there are many festivals like Raksha Bandhan Navratri Dussehra Krishna Janmashtami which are Hindu religious festivals but there are the different religions festival but all the people celebrate it by coming together in all the festivals.

There are also many national festivals of India such as Republic Day Independence Day Gandhi Jayanti Mahavir Jayanti and many of the days which are celebrated, and this festival are not celebrated as the religious festival or for the significance of God, but this festival is National festivals significance for their country.

For celebrating all the different types of religious festivals and the main reason of celebrating of these all these festivals is because of this it comes to the majority of people all together, and every people take participate with great joy and happiness and it also give enjoyment and relaxation from their work and all the people comes together and celebrate these festivals with Unity.

The Celebration Of These Festivals

As there are many different types of festival that are being celebrated all over the parts of India all the parts have different types of religious festival in the western part in Maharashtra there are many types of festivals that are being celebrated such as Diwali Holi this is the Hindu festival that is being celebrated and also there are many Hindu festivals which is celebrated here in Diwali people likes to firecrackers and distribute sweets in Holi people like to play with colours after Hindu in western Maharashtra people celebrate Ramadan and Eid and it is mostly celebrated by the Muslim religion the Christian people celebrate their new year and all the people join them to celebrate their New Year and also there are much different religion and their religious festival that is being celebrated in this parts and also all over India.

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