Essay On Importance Of Education For Students & Children


Education is a process of learning various important things about your life and also about the world which is very important as it helps in developing the personality of an individual and also his ability to survive in the world and become a better person and living a better life.

Education is very important and it should be started from childhood itself as the education taken during the early age of life helps in understanding the higher education and also prepare for getting the higher education.

Education is a fundamental right of every individual and he should get it for free and not only he should receive education from the school but he should also receive via education from his family and surround and he should also learn good habits from the surrounding.

Education provides us with the training and knowledge to leave our whole life successfully and also use the opportunities which are provided for us to make your life better.


Early education is very important for every person and plays a vital role in the development of an individual life. The early education develops our brain and also makes us mentally sharp which helps us in receiving the higher education and which becomes easy to understand it. Early education is like getting ready for getting the higher education and it is very necessary.

nowadays people focus on the early education they send their small children to various educational Enterprises where they learn various things which will help them in getting an important education. Early education is also like giving shape or a direction to an individuals life and making his life better.


As the early education is important the higher education is also important it gives you knowledge about the external world and also helps you in how to react or behave in the external audit so that you can live a happy life.

The higher education also makes you an independent person and also allows you to do any job and earn for your daily needs.

Higher education also has an individual in living the better life as it improves the individual mentally and physically and also prepared himself for the ups and downs in his life. Due to which the higher education is as seeing important to the early education.


In India nowadays the education is given very much importance and also there are various rights available for providing free education to the individual so that if he doesn’t have money or week from the financial background he can afford the education on his own and does not have to depend on any other individual.

But now also in various parts of India, there are people who send their small children on work rather than sending them to school due to which they are different from the education right.

There are also some people in India who provide better education services to the people who cannot education which helps in the development of the country.

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