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A horse is an animal which is used by people to sit on it and to travel from one place to another. Horses are the mammals which come in the family of Equidae, and they are the Herbivorous animals. Horses are present and evolved from the past over 15 million years ago. People use the horse as their domestic animal, and nearly about 5000 years ago the horses are domesticated by the people as they are very strong and large animals people used to travel with them and can load many heavy goods on them and travel Up to miles.

There are many types of species of horses that are present all over the world. People use their horses to ride on them as they are the animal which runs very fast, people like to play with their Horses. Horses are the animal which can sleep in both the position such as they can sleep in Standing and also they can sleep lying as others.

Breeds Of Horse

Breeds Of Horse

The female of the horses are called as mares, and they carry their young ones for approximately 11 months and a young horse is called as a foal, and they can run as soon as they are born. The lifespan of a horse is between 25 to 30 years.

There are over 300 breeds of horses that are present in this today’s world and that 300 breeds are divided into three types such as the Hot Blood horses cold blood Horses and the Horses of warm blood such as the hot blood horses are with speed and endurance the cold blood horses are used for heavy work and the warm blood horses are used for the cross between hot blood horses and the cold blood horses and used for focusing on creating breeds.

There are some of the well-known breeds of the horse such as American cream draft, Appaloosa, Belgian horse, Canadian horse, Java Pony, Mustang, the paint horse, Percheron and many of the breed of horses. Horses live in a stable and the people who domesticate horses train them and the horses also react to their owners very well.

Human And Horses


Most of the people like to keep the horse as their pet and to train them very well such as they use the horse for running or to travel from one place to another. In the past where they were Kings people used to travel only with the horse.

There are also many horse racing events that happen and in this event, a player has to ride a horse and to race. There are also many sports which are played with horses such as Polo; a polo is a game which is played by riding a horse.

Farmers like to keep horses as their pet as they use them in their agricultural work and they can also be a great use for the humans. There are many uses of the horses for the humans as they are a tough leather and their skin is used to make stiff fabric. Horses are also used by the police to protect people, and they are the trustworthy animals that a person can keep as their pet.

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