Essay On Girl Child Education For Students & Children In Simple English


Education to the girl child is very necessary for which the girl child is provided education in various forms like schools and colleges from where she learned many things and also apply in her life.

Why taking education the girl child gets the difference between a good thing and also a bad thing and also Learns what should be done on a difficult task and also prepare for struggling in her life and completing her dreams.

Earlier education was only given to the boys, not to the girls but nowadays there are schools where to education takes place where both boys and girls can learn and also there are some individual schools known as girls hostel where only girls get the education. Every girl child has the right of getting the education, and the Government of India has provided free education to the girl child to improve the status of female in India.


The reason use importance of education for the small girl child, as it plays and vital role in the development of the personality and also teach them the various lessons of life which they should not face in the life and should always take care of their security.

Education not only develop the personality of the girl child but it also makes the girl child capable of earning by herself in the future rather than depending upon his husband for the daily needs.

Education is like a new opportunity for the girl child to improve his lifestyle and also take care of his own family. Education makes the girl child physically and mentally sharp by which day can live in this strong world very peacefully and easily.

Education also helps them in working in their own life for completing their goals of life and living a happy life. Education of girl child is also an important thing as the women’s play a huge role in the development of the country as they are mentally sharp and are very good at managing things.


There are various issues in girl child education, sometimes the family of girls could not give the girl education as they are poor and cannot afford to give her education because of poverty but the Government of India has provided the free education for girl child due to which now there are families who send the record for education.

There is also various another issue where the parents don’t send their girl for getting the education as they think that educating a girl child is not of any use and she is about to do the household works.


In India, after many years of Independence, there is a huge programme launched for girl child education which has made easier for the girls to get the education in India. There are various laws Android made for the girls of India to get the education.

The Government of India has made education for the girl child free which has improved the number of girls getting the education. Nowadays there is also various campaign launched to spread the Awareness of the importance of girl child education known as beta padhao Beti Bachao campaign.

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