Essay On Child Labour For Students & Children In Simple English

Child labor means that the children who are forced to work like adults and take part in all the economic activities at a very small age and the small children who are below age 15 are allowed to do work is the child labor that has been done on them.

It refers to the use of small children for employing them to do any type of work in any place for money or providing them their daily needs.

Mostly child labour is forbidden in most of the countries as we see that there are many minor boys and girls who are working in a tea stall and some of the factories and it is due to the child labour and the main reason for working of the child is due to the poverty in their family and because of this they start to work below ages and harms themselves. Sometime childrens are also threatened to work for long hours.

Causes of Child Labour

For the child labour, there are difference in the works for doing as some child do normal works for getting additional education and some children are doing the work that exhaust them physically and it is very difficult and dangerous to do and is very humiliating for them is the kind of child labour that has done on them.

There are many causes for the child labour as family things that a child should go to earn at a very early age when there is poverty in the family and when the family are illiterate they thinks that there is no need for the education of the child and they should send to earn them as they could be able to get some money for their family.

First child labour used to be on a small scale for doing small works in home, but after the industrial revolution child labour have reached to its extreme level as the big Industries needed workers in the factories and small children more profitable as they use to work for a longer time dangerous situation and hazard environment and they also did not have a complaint about their environment and also to work in less wages.

And so because of all these the child labour was in a great extent in many of the countries. About 350 million childrens are affected by the child labour and in this child labour, most of the child are affected by the worst forms of it.

Child Labour in India

In India, there are many causes of child labour but today the main cause of child labour is the financial situation of the family because of which the child has to work as a labourer to earn his daily life needs because he belongs to a poor family.

Not only poverty is the main cause of child labour and other major cause of child labour is the illiteracy of the family.

The child that works in the hazardous environment in the industries could get affect by the surroundings of it and can harm their life as well as there a very small children who are working at a very small age and they will not be able to handle all these things and they could die in this situation.

Child labour cannot be remove completely but it can be control by various factors. Mostly for stopping the child labour is that the parent of a child should change their mentality and send their children to seek education and send them to schools not to earn at a very small age and their also many laws should be made on this child labour and no one has the right to use a below age child for work and these could save the child labour in many of the countries and also in India.

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