Essay On Natural Environment For Students & Children In Simple English

The environment is the natural world which is surrounded by our earth in which all the human beings animal plants and other living things and nonliving things exist, and they leave peacefully and healthy life.

Earth is the only planet which has the life existence in it, and all the human beings animals and other living things grow and develop naturally in the environment.

Our environment is very beautiful that is gifted to us by our god as there are many beautiful things that are present in our natural environment which are very much beautiful to see as because of this the fresh air and a proper sunlight that is needed for our body are available in the natural environment and because of this we become fit and healthy but in this present world there is no proper fresh, and there is also no proper sunlight that is in this world which is very much important for us as they are getting harmful day by day.

As there are many problems and issues that are created in the environment which are harming the lives of the people.

Environmental Problems

There are many environmental problems which cause the harm to the natural environment and as well as to the living beings and all the living things which are living in this environment because of these animals and as well as plants are also getting affected by this.

As there are many types of disturbance in the nature that is happening and because of this there is the imbalance in nature, and this affected the environment totally and which is ruining the lives of human.

The era in which we are living is greatly affected by pollution deforestation, and there are many types of pollution which are affecting the environment, and it is mostly created by the humans only and because of this many natural disaster acid rains are been creating which are harming the lives of the people and as well as the natural environment and the environment is unsafe.

The natural environment is the thing which nourishes and keep the balance in the nature that helps to a great life existence in the earth but when this is getting harm so there is no source to provide a great help to our environment which can protect these and can solve our problems and because of the issues it is harming to the people day by day.

People are mostly keeping their lives in danger for the existence of life in the future on this planet at it has become difficult to survive because of the pollution and all the environmental problems that are mostly created by humans.

A Solution For This Issues

To survive on this planet and to be safe in this planet it is only in the hands of the humans that they should control their needs and they should see the natural environment and find many ways to help it.

As the beautiful thing that was gifted to us by our God is this environment and once if it is get affected and destroyed, it will never come again so we should be able to protect it from the disasters and build a great future of life exists in this environment.

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