About My Self Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


My name is Sahil Joshi and I am a student learning in the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College which is present in Mumbai which is in India.

I am living in my family and I have my parents with me and also I have my grandmother with me and also I have two sisters in my family in full I have total 6 people in my family with counting myself which are like a good family and help each other in various problems in the life.

I love studying videos programming languages and I want to learn different programming languages in order to develop and software and website which is a very good place of earning.

I also have the various friend whom with I spend various time and also go to my college and to the various thing with them and also I have various hobbies like singing dancing and reading books and playing various indoor games and also playing games on my mobile phones.

I also love playing various online games and one of the best game is the Mini militia which is played in a group of people and everyone has a gun to shoot each and everyone.


I was born on 8 April in the year of 1998 till now I am 20 years old and I am leaving a successful life as I am studying at my college.

From the childhood I have the passion for learning and my education has been started from my own house where my parents taught me various moral values and also what is right and what is wrong after which I called the admission in a kindergarten school in which I was in a small school in which there were various friends and we use to learn how to live the life and also how to behave with each other are teachers daughters various things like how you should walk in the class and also what are the Magnus you should follow in the school.

after which I got the admission in the school in which I have various subject to learn and also I have taken part in various cultural activities like singing dancing and parade which was one of my best activity.

Also, I have two part in various activities like pyramid making in which we used to make the pyramid of people and have gone to various schools for competitions.

After completing my education from my school I got the admission in Ann’s Junior College where I choose the scheme of science which was very hard but I have done much hard work in my educational life to become a good person and learn various things. After getting 12th passed from the junior college I took admission in the degree college in which I choose the BSc IT degree which had and great importance now.


There were various ups and downs in my life while taking education I have to take the decision between the external activities and education but mostly preferably I have chosen education in my life as it is important for my life and also for my future as my future is going to be dependent on my past where I have completed my education.

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