Essay On My School For Students & Children In Simple English

A school is a place where all the children come to take education and to get to know all the things that are in the world through education and these educational facilities are provided to the children in a school.

From the childhood, every child goes to school and learn the basic things at the starting and after that as their standards grow they learn many things in school.

The school makes every student’s life better as the school life never comes again after the school session.

My school has six floors and it has a big playground where all the children play when they get free time. My school has many classrooms for all the standards and there are at least two to three divisions of each standard.

There are a big library and a science lab that is situated on the 4th floor of my school and children mostly visit to read the different types of books that are kept in the library to seek some knowledge and also to know about the different things in the world.

There are many types of books that are kept in library different types of adventurous books novels and many other types of books are kept in our school library.

Discipline In My School

In my school, there are many teachers who teach us all the things and give a great knowledge that we can know all the things and there are also many sports sir who takes us to play many games and guide us all the game.

The teachers and sir in our school are very much disciplined they have given us many values and thoughts to be disciplined in our life.

Teachers give attention to all the students in our school and give perfect knowledge about discipline to all the students and because of this we become punctual in school and be on time never be late because of the values that teacher has given us.

All the six floors of my school are always clean and tidy as because of the poems and staffs that are appointed in our school to clean our school area very well and they keep on their work and do their work properly and because of this my school looks as new every day and in this environment we could be able to learn and seek knowledge easily.

This gives us the knowledge of cleanliness in our life our teachers and our PT sir also gives us the knowledge of cleanliness in education and as well as sports in our life.

The principal of our school is very supportive and help the students to play sports and games and also help in some problem of studies provides us the good amount of books and all the things.

Students Live In A School

When a child is starting to go for a school he has some responsibility on him as he goes to seek knowledge and values from the school and when he becomes a big student he can also explain that knowledge and values to other people in school they get to know the team spirit when they play sports and also help others because the values and all the things that teachers teach them to help them in their life and if student remind all the things he can be a great man in his future the values and thoughts that he get to know from the school are very much important in his life.

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