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School the best place to hang out with your friends. Well, most of this school going kids will do not agree with this point but you should understand that.

This is the only time when you can enjoy your life with your friends after this you have to compete with your own friends for your career.

The First Place of Education

School is the first place where we learn something and make friends. Well, this is the place where understanding about many things. This is the place where you can see and understand other people. The first place where you make friends.

Education is the most important thing of a children’s life. And children can get this education only in schools. On the school premises, there are so many children with whom they can be friends. The friends with whom you fight throughout the day but still want to sit together.

Teachers in the School

Being a teacher is not an easy job it takes lots of patience and understanding to deal with the children’s in the school. Each kid is different from the other each one of them has a different mindset it is a very tough job to make sure that the kids are understanding the teacher.

The kid’s teacher has to manage so many things which we can’t even imagine. In the school premises, the teacher is your parent who is going to teach you manners and share her knowledge with you.

Most of the time you stay with your friends in the school but to monitor you and your friend the teacher is always there. The school is full of teachers they can manage more than 50 students at a single time. They have this capability of doing.

As we know that it takes so much patience and courage to deal with every single student. So we should always be thankful to the teachers who are understanding our mind-set.

Parents Meeting in School

Well, this is the worst day for the average students and the best day for a scholar student. This is the day when students come to school with their parents.

If you are an average student who is scoring average marks in the school you are almost afraid of what your teacher is going to say to your parents.

In opposite, if you are a scholar student you will be pretty happy to bring your parents to school and introduce it with your teacher. Because you very well know that the teacher will always be in your favor because you are one of the good students in the class.

Leaving The School

After completing your schooling you have to leave school and go to your college. Well for more than 15 years you have followed the same routine every day.

Now you have to end this routine and go to a different routine for your entire life. You will always miss this routine of life which is called school days.

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