Essay On My Pet Cat For Students & Children In Simple English

The cats are the type of domestic animals which are usually kept by the people like their pets. After dog most of the people like to keep cat as their pet and about 10,000 years ago they been kept as a pet by many of the people.

Cats are the most prominent and faithful animal which can be trusted, and they are the type of animals who like to play with the people, and so because of their nature with the people, most of the people like to keep the cat as their pet.

The young ones of the cats are called as kittens, and they are very beautiful to see as these animals are very beautiful, and the voice they make is very beautiful to hear. There are many different types of breeds of cats that are kept as the pet.

My Pet Cat

I have two pets in my home one is dog, and other is a cat my cat is a Persian cat, and we call her as misty she looks very beautiful with pure white in colour has long hair and super soft body is very delight to touch furry hair bad all things her eyes are very beautiful to see.

Her cheeks are very chubby, and she has very small round ears, and the sound she makes is very beautiful to hear as when we hear it makes our day. She is now five years old, and when she was just two months of old, she was with us as she was gifted to my sister by her friend.

As we have dog as a first pet our parents were not letting us to keep a cat as our pet, but after sometime and after many requests they agree to keep misty with my parents and us are mostly afraid of cats and they not much play with Misty me and my sister play with her all the time.

She is very beautiful to see and also she listens our every order and she also play with our dog as well and they both played with himself as a good friend.

Persians cat are usually very beautiful as our cat is also very beautiful as her white long hair are very beautiful and me once a week but her and give her clean and tidy so why this she looks more beautiful.

We have made a separate home for our two pets mostly Misty eats fish and also eat many foods and likes to drink milk.

She has become an inseparable part of our family, and we like to spend our time with them. We also take them out in parks and also for shopping, and they are very well behaved, and because of their behavior, it doesn’t seem difficult to take her along on holidays.

It seems to be quiet delighted and cheerful during our holidays as we love her company with us. So cats are very beautiful as pet animal and very playable animal who likes to play with their owners and always like to keep their owner smiling.

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