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My hometown is the place where I have lived my essential part of my identity, and I have many memories in my hometown as it is a place where I had born and spend my childhood there, and I have got all my love of my life in my hometown.

I had moved from my hometown when I was studying in my first grade because of my father’s transferable job, and because of these we always move from one place to another because of his job, and we have changed many cities from then.

I have moved to many of the cities but didn’t able to find the city as compared to my hometown where I lived my childhood.

My Hometown

In my hometown I have lived almost 10 years, and from then we started to move in many cities, and for approximate we lived in a city for about 2 to 3 years and that is why we are not able to make our connection with the other people as the people in our hometown were very warm and friendly the neighbours are always ready to help my mother and my father as well whenever my father is on tours the neighbours gives company to us, and we live like the best friends, and they were very close to us.

I have also made many friends there has the kids in neighbor are very friendly, and I have found my best friend in her daughter as we go to school together as our school is close to my house and I have also made close friends in my school.

I mostly miss the best memories of my hometown and whenever I get a chance to visit in my holidays I went first to my house where I have to spend my childhood and meet my old friends.

But when I was completing my graduation, I went to Noida as because of my father’s Transferable job and this city has attracted me very much as it has become our home within 2-3 years as I have never thought that I could found a home in the other City other than my hometown.

My City

After 4 to 5 years that we have spent in Noida it has become a great years for us as I have created many memories and many friends are there who are living in our neighbours who are also helpful as the people in my hometown, and this city is the last city to visit as my father has got a fix job in Noida and we have settled our family here.

The life in the Noida is very much high because there are many big malls are developed for the enjoyment of the people many foodie delights are near, and because of this, it has created a great interest in this city.

I have also created many memories in this city, and as compared to my hometown this city has also given me great memories to live my life.

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