My Ambition Essay In English For Students & Children


My ambitions are my wishes and desire to do something or get something in my life to become successful or to enjoy my life.

My ambitions are the dream of myself which I want to complete in my whole life with the help of anyone else are becoming independent in my life and becoming a successful person in my life.

Everyone has an ambition of becoming anything in the future or becoming successful but I also have my own ambitions which are very important for me and I am doing hard work to get them and complete them as early as possible.

My ambitions give me the power of doing anything in my life and also give me the power of doing the hardest thing in the world which can complete my ambitions.

There are sometimes when I don’t get the opportunity to complete my ambitions but when I get the opportunity I completely utilize it for completing my ambitions so that I can complete my ambitions as early as possible.


My ambition is to become a successful person in my life so that I can live a peaceful life in the future.

It is very hard to live a peaceful future as you have to do hard work in your future to earn money not only for yourself but also for your family so the full life is of struggle but you get a better feeling after completing your ambitions.

When I will be successful in my life that is I will get a good job or a nice earning source I will be the happiest man in the world and I will also utilize the money in the various thing which can save my money.

There are also some other ambitions rather than becoming successful I also have another ambition of owning a nice car which I can drive safely and go for the long drive with my friends and enjoy with my friends.


My ambitions play and vital role in developing my life as they give me the power of doing the hard work.

My ambitions are like a goal for me which I have to complete in any situation of my life so I have started doing hard work from now.

My ambitions also give me the power of taking decisions as while taking decisions I think more and also animals need to think what is wrong and what is the right and it also helps me in thinking the result of my decision but sometimes the decisions went wrong but they also teach us various lessons of our life.

Most of the people learn the various lesson from the wrong decisions and I have also learned various lessons in my life and which I will not repeat again in my life.


My ambitions are the important thing in my life which I give more priority than any other thing that is if anything comes in the way of my ambitions I will tackle with that thing and move towards my ambitions.

I can only complete my own ambitions nobody else is going to complete my ambitions as I can only do hard work to complete my ambitions as other people are busy in completing their own ambitions.

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