My Mother Essay For Class 2 For Students And Children In Simple English

My mom is the most vital individual in my life. Her name is Meena. She is exceptionally excellent, and kind gladden woman. She deals with every one of us. She rises at a young hour toward the beginning of the day and finishes her home hold work. She cooks heavenly sustenance for us. She takes care of the home. She causes me to do my homework. She makes me prepared for school. My mom discloses to me the dazzling story in the evening. She trains me to dependably be in teach and carry on in good behavior.


She is my first instructor. She is the person who spends her restless evenings amid my disorder and other terrible days. She joyfully includes in my cheerful minutes and comprehends my preferences. I can express me any inclination and offer whatever I have in my brain with her.

She is a decent vocalist. She sings ‘Bhajan’ toward the beginning of the day which fulfills me feel. A mother is just a single in everybody’s life whom another can never supplant her in our heart.

My mom is the most wonderful minding dear in my life. She gives me a sweet rest around evening time. My mom reveals to me a dazzling story in the evening and gets snoozing, and I go into the delightful dream.

She raises me in the early morning and cherishes me a great deal. She causes me to prepare for school. My mom now and again feeds my breakfast.

She minds me so much that I couldn’t bear partition from her while going to class. She sits tight for my arrival from school by remaining on the entryway. I bounce into her lap regular and feel best right now. I do my school homework with the assistance of my mom.


My mom is cooking expert of assortments of dishes. She at some point cooks the dish of my decision. My mom nearness in my life matters much for me. I feel glad for shrewdness and love of my mom. My affection drives me to spill out my souls to my mom.

My mom works in the school as an educator. Her understudies regard her a great deal. A year ago she went to Bangalore to go to the instruction summit. She is likewise our general public director; she handles all general public related issues. She jumps at the chance to peruse a great deal; we have a rack brimming with books.

She is extremely shrewd, different women from our building go to her for guidance. One month from now she will organize an Independence day festivity as well. Under her direction, all general public individuals participated in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. She likewise took an interest in Plastic Ban Campaign as well.

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