Essay On Land Pollution: Causes & Effect For Students & Children In Simple English

Land pollution refers to the pollution occurred by the humans done directly or indirectly by polluting the earth surface by the means of destruction, or the soil erosion done by the degradation of the land.

We all constantly hear about the air pollution and the water pollution, but today the land pollution has also become very serious part.

While many of the construction work or during the mining activity the land is very tortured by the big machines and the technology. After the agriculture process is done than the fields are been got to the fire this will make the field to infertile and the soil can’t take the nutrition towards it so the land has not come to any of the use.

Today we can only see the plot rather than the forest. And the plot land is used for the construction site due to the extension of the population in the country as made the exploitation of the land, we can’t see greenery of the land so the several problems attack the land, for example, the landslide is now attacking the land.

Causes of Land pollution

  • Deforestation and soil erosion

Today the trees are been cut for the various purpose of getting the wood and for the empty land for the construction of the building. If once the land is made barren than it can’t be changed again to the fertile land when the trees are cut down the soil in which the plant was stuck get contaminated this is also called as the soil pollution.

  • Agriculture activities

As we all know that the agriculture is the backbone of the country so there is more demand for the food grains in our country and also outside the country, due to the increase in the population to grow the food grains they use the fertilizers to grow them fast and all the chemicals and the pesticides are been used this causes the soil to contaminate.

  • Industrialization

Due to the increase in the population, many of the comfort goods are needed for the public so the industrialization is also grown in the wide and the disposal of the industry are not proper sometime they dispose into the water and into the land also all the toxic substances are been disposed into the soil.

  • Sewage treatment

The waste from the sewage like the solid waste or the bodily waste should be properly disposed of because this also contains the harmful toxic.

Effects of land pollution


  • Soil pollution

When the upper layer of the soil is damaged due to any problem then it is called as the soil pollution this can be due to the fertilizers which were used to the crops this make the soil contaminated, this may lead to many of the loses like the fodder for the animals etc.

  • Changes in the weather

Due to the pollution in the land and air, water as lead the changes in the climate condition, this affect the loss of the ecosystem.

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