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Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa or probably known as Kuvempu.Kuvempu was a famous Indian novelist, poet, thinker and also writes play or dramas. Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa was born on 29 December 1904 in Mysore.

He was a famous Kannada writer, and he got the name Kuvempu from this writing skills, and it is his pen name. By his writings in the Kannada language, he is most famous as a Kannada poet.

He studied in the Mysore University in the 19th century, and he served as a Vice-Chancellor from 1956 to 1960 he took the education in the Kannada language, and he made many literature and contributions to this Kannada language and wrote many poems and novels in the Kannada language. He also wrote the great Hindu Epic Ramayana in the Kannada language.

His Career And Deeds

Kuvempu mostly started to write his literary works in English and he has many collections of it, and then he later switched his English collections to the Kannada language.

At that time the Kannada language was not so developed, and there were no such universities or schools of education that are made in the Kannada language, so he spread many movements and organized many schools for people to seek education in the Kannada language as the theme for it was the education in the mother tongue.

As the vice-Chancellor of the Mysore University, he introduced many studies of Science and languages and published many of the knowledge books.

As he was a writer but more than a writer he uses to spread great messages through his writing and he was against caste discrimination and also write many novel and books on the discrimination of this caste system, and so because of this, his writing has influenced some of the people.

When he wrote the Epic Ramayana in the Kannada language for these, he got many awards and a prestigious Jnanpith Award for his writing.

The speech that he gave when he was taking this award was noted and also published in a book which is delivered in the year 1974, and the speech is delivered as a message to all the people in the modern society.

He had written many quotes such as ‘welcome to wheel footed’he wrote this quote when he bought his first car.

He also used to write plays and drama in the Kannada language, and this plays and drama are published and played by many actors.

He has got many awards other than Jnanpith Award such as he is denoted by Padma Bhushan in the year 1958 and also had given the award of the national poet in the year 1964.

His Death

Kuppali venkatappa puttappa died in the year 1994 on November 11. He wrote many great novels and dramas for Indian people, and his home which he was living was converted into a museum, and it was dedicated to him.

But in this museum with there were more security of cameras in the year 2015 on November 23 the awards of Kuvempu  Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan were stolen, and the trust that the government and people has are also destroyed because of this.

Kuvempu was a great novelist, and it was the honor for the Indian people to have a poet like him.

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