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Pongal is the festival which is celebrated in Tamil Nadu. The state is situated in the southern part of India. Pongal is the three-day festival. The third day of Pongal is termed as Mattu Pongal.

On the day of Pongal Jallikattu is practiced.


In Tamil, Jalli means gold or silver coins and Kattu is referring as to tie. If we combine both the word, we get meaning that to tie gold and silver.

What Is Jallikattu

On the day of Mattu Pongal Jallikattu is practiced. The golden and silver coins are tied to the horns of bulls. This is a type of sport which is drilled there on Pongal. Whoever tames the bulls will be a winner. By this game, women used to choose their husband to be.

We termed it an ancient sport because this has been practicing since 2500 years ago. This ancient sport has received many controversies because it leads to significant injury and sometimes even death.

Protest Against Jallikattu

The organization named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) done several types of research and concluded that the animal was harming badly. The tails of the bulls were punched, stabbed, bitten very poorly. A celebrity such as Hema Malini supported the PETA Campaign.

In January 2016, to ban Jallikattu, many organization along with the PETA came against the government of Tamil Nadu.

Tamils Against The Ban

Professional people and young students are the main protesters of the ban against Jallikattu. Since the sports Jalikattu is practicing for a long year ago, Tamilians say the sport is there for pride.

The people are not ready to accept that the Jallikattu shows the cruelty for bulls. People say the bulls they include in the fight are fully trained.

In return, the people of Tamil has demanded to banish the PETA organization.

Places Where Jallikattu  Practised

Madhurai, Karaikudi, Sivagangai, Puddukotai these were the places where the sport Jallikattu was practiced.

News About Jallikattu

As the bulls horns are sharped and tamers do not carry any weapons major injury takes place. According to the reports, nearly five people died in the year 2004 and also hundreds of people were injured severely.

Since 2004 till 2016 nearly 200 peoples were tied as tamers. In the game, the tamers cannot kill the bull.


If we go to Tamil Nadu, we find many paintings which show jallikattu in their images. The village named as Karikkiyur has a painting of Jallikattu in which a man is chasing a bull. It is said that the painting is about 3500 years old. In Tamil Nadu even we find many rock painting. More than 500 pictures were carved on the rock surface. Also, there is a painting at Kalluthu Mettupatti showing the man is trying to control a bull.

In many of the movies, we find sports Jallikattu.


One cannot celebrate the day by harming any creature or by taking Life. The government of Tamil Nadu now bans Jallikattu. Thanks to the PETA organization.

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