Essay On India Of My Dreams For Students & Children In Simple English

In this world, there are many different types of countries and many different types of people live in them and in this India is a country where there are different types of people who have different types of religious culture and many discriminations among them.

There are many religions in the country of India and these different types of religion is being seen only in India as we can see that in other countries there are mostly the Christian religion people is but in India there are many religious people like Hindu religious Muslim Christian Jain and many religion people live together as India is a well democratic United country.

There is much discrimination also done between the person gender caste and also by the economic status in many parts of the Indian country.

As there is discriminated in this country in my dream of India country that should not be such discrimination among the people every people should be treated equally and there should be no poor and rich amongst them.

My Dream India

From past India there is much development that has been done in our Indian country as we can see that there are many caste discrimination and racism that are being done in India but in these present India there is no such caste discrimination and the racism problem has been solved by the government as our Indian government is improving day by day and because of this the development of the country is going properly and increasing.

Our India is developing in the IT technologies as there are many fields of science that are been made many institutes and Universities that are being developed and this seems in my dream India as because of this development in my country India is growing and it is giving a tough to the other major countries.

As my dream of India is growing day by day as I have thought many dreams about my country India as my country will be a developed country in the future and in this present India we can see that there are many developments that have been done which can fulfill my dreams to see my country India at a higher rate.

India A Developed Country

As India is growing day by day there are many job opportunities for the people who are capable of it and are not getting the job are been provided by the Universities that are being made and many companies and factories and many multinational companies that are being made for the people to seek their job in it.

All the people are getting a equal value in my country and because of this, it creates the equality amongst the people in the future of my Indian country.

In the past, there are many fights that are being done between the religion but in my present India, there is no fight among the religion as all the people live together and celebrate festivals and many tradition and culture together and this creates a major Unity among the Indian people.

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