India China Relations Essay For Students & Children In Simple English

The India China relation represents the type of relation between India and China that what are the actions taken between India and China and what are the services they provide to each other for the development of both the Nations.

It is he that there is the various number of product which is produced in China and also manufactured on a large scale has in India it is saying that there is a small amount of production but many of the things are developed in India within the research sector.

It is also known as India, and China is like friends, and they both help each other at various times but it is saying that sometimes there is a condition like enemy when India and China becomes an any me to each other and do various war between them for example recently the Chinese product for boycotted in India and it was told that say no to Chinese products due to some disbelief in between them.

There have been various disputes between India and China from the past few years, but now it has been seen that this dispute has been ready to go to a greater extent by various foreign policies.


There are various types of relation between India and China as there is a various trade between the India and China country.

As India exports various raw material needed for the manufacturing of material to China and also China gives various finished goods to India and China is the greatest manufacture of everything, and mostly in China, the mobile phones are manufactured which is a greater development in China.

There is also seen there is a major development in the various technologies in China and it is also seen that there is a major development in the technology of India due to the strategic planning between them and also they help each other in various situations.

Earlier relation of India and China warlike friends they used to help each other and they also do various transaction between them like import and export of material and do various trade between each other to increase both of the economics.


There has been a major effect of India China relation on both the countries in India also and also on the country of China. The India China relations have not only developed themselves, but it has also developed the people of the country and also improve the life of various people.

Nowadays our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is doing various foreign policy with China so that it will boost the development of our country and also he is doing various foreign policy for all other countries who are given opportunities to various manufacturing to be done in India so that it will be the development of India and provide various employment to the people of India. The relation between both the countries are very good and for the development of both the countries in the future.

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Updated: December 25, 2018 — 12:16 pm

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