Independence Day Essay For School Children In Simple English


Independence Day is one of the Golden day present in the history of India which is the day when we got the freedom from the ruling powers in India and India became independent. India got the Independence on 15th August in the year of 1947.

The Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August of every year, on this occasion the tricolour flag of India is hosted in every part of India and it is hosted by the prime minister at the Red Fort or any other historical places, the first ever flag hoisted at Red Fort was bhaiya Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of India.

The independence day has the news importance as it shows you struggle for the Independence and the sacrifices of our citizens of India for the Independence so to give tribute to them the Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August as we got independence on this day.

All independence day everyone becomes patriotic towards the country and feel the Patriotism by various songs played on this day and the national song Jana Gana Mana is played during this day.



The Independence Day is celebrated as a national holiday which is given to everyone. On Independence Day flag hoisting is done in every society and group of people, during the flag hoisting people sing the national song Jana Gana Mana and salute the national flag.

After the national flag is hoisted they distribute snack to the people and the most famous snack is a Jalebi and fafda which is a combination of sweet and snack. On Independence day everyone sticks a small flag on the chest, and also small children have a small flag in the hand which day we wave in the air.

The Prime Minister celebrates Independence Day by hosting the flag at the Red Fort and historic places and give a speech all the independence of India and what should be done to get the use of our independence.

School also given holiday to the students on Independence Day and they invite the students to celebrate the Independence Day in the school in which the flag hoisting is done in the school and after which they do various patriotic acts like dancing singing and various skit which are played by the students of the school and entertaining each other.


The Independence Day is celebrated as to pay tribute to the people who sacrifice their life and did the hard work to get the independent so that India would come out of the fist of the ruling power.

Independence day was a new start in India where India was independent to do anything and did not have any dominance due to which India was free to take his own decision, on the contrary, the constitution was made.

Independence Day is not only celebrated for the people who fought for the freedom but also for the people who are working for our security on the borders like army Navy who are there for our security and protect us from the attack from another country.

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