Independence Day Essay In Kannada For Students & Children In Simple English


Independence Day was a day when we got the freedom. Independence Day is celebrated in India on the 15th August of every year, and it has been started from the year 1947 when we got the freedom. Independence Day is celebrated as the celebration of the freedom and also for the people who give their life for the freedom why fighting for it.

There was a huge struggle for the Independence, and also there were many sacrifices done for independence by many people, so it is very necessary to celebrate Independence day every year for improving the Patriotism of people to word solution and also to pay and tribute to the people who sacrifice their lives in the process of getting freedom.

On the Independence Day flag hoisting in the morning and our national song is played everywhere in the nation.


Independence Day is on the national holiday in India where everyone is given holiday. On Independence day everyone does a flag hoisting and also sing the national song Jana Gana Mana and also salute the flag.

The Prime Minister also do the flag hoisting in historic places like red fort is present in Delhi, after the flag hoisting the Prime Minister gives a good speech on the sacrifices of the people for the freedom and also the sacrifice of the people who are still fighting to keep the freedom and Secure our nation from other Nations.

On the day of independence day, every school is given holiday, but the students are invited in the school for celebrating the Independence Day and students perform the various patriotic act like the parade and singing the national song and playing skits on patriotism.

The students in the school are also given a flag to stick on there shirts so we can show Patriotism towards the Independence Day and show the love for India.


The Independence Day for India is like a new start of India as it has been started from the 15th August in the year of 1947.

Before days there were many ruling power who had their rule on India, but after getting independence on 15 August 1947, India became independent and had it own rule over it which made a new life in India which was very good.

The first independence day was celebrated by Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who hosted the flag on the glorious Red Fort and made Independence Day and Golden memory.


It is very important to celebrate Independence day as to give and tribute to the people who have sacrificed their life for the Independence, and also to the people who are still fighting for the security of our Nation and protecting our freedom.

Due to the celebration of Independence Day, the power of the soldiers on the border services and they feel getting attributes from the people all over the world and encourages time to do their work. Independence day also plays and vital role in spreading the awareness and importance of freedom and also it tells the story and struggle for freedom to the people.

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