Impact Of Social Media On Youth Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


Social media has a great impact on the youth life as it is a communication and media in which the youth communicate with each other using various apps and websites.

Due to the social media, the communication between the individuals have become easy it doesn’t matter in which corner of the earth is an individual but they can communicate to each other using social media which is a very good and impressive thing for the youth.

Social media is becoming very popular in between the use as the youth love social media as they do various things on social media like chatting to each other and posting various pictures of them which can be seen by their friends.

The youth is engaged in using the social media every time as they use their phone only to visit social media websites and apps and they spend the whole day using the phone for social media.

It has also be seen that there is the various adverse effect on the life of you give to the use of social media as there is various information given on social media due to which the behavior of the youths changes.


Social media is very advantages for the youth as it has been the biggest platform to share various information and also to share various best Movement in the form of pictures and videos with their friends and also the people they know.

Nowadays social media is like a platform where you can express yourself in various ways it is saying that you look different than the pictures of him in the social media.

Using the social media the youth can communicate to anyone on the earth living at any place the social media much powerful than a phone.

There are various news and information given on the social media which is very useful for the today’s youth as they don’t like to read the newspaper for getting day news rather than they get the news directly on the social media through various messages and pictures.

Sometimes social media also helps in getting the employment to the youth as there is various employment message a shared on a group or to a particular individual for the employment using which the youth can go for the interview and ask for the employment.


The social media has also and adverse effect on the life of the earth as everyone waist and hold time using the social media in which they chat with each other but they do not speak with their own family and sometimes they don’t even wish to their family and other they send various greeting and wishing messages to their friends on the social media.

It is also found that due to social media the youth are exposed to the information to which day should not be exposed at this age which disturbs the mental ability.S social media has made the youth capable of doing communication with anyone but has made them fear doing face to face communication and they always ignore face to face communication.

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Updated: December 26, 2018 — 12:16 pm

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