If I Were A Bird Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


And the bird is and beautiful animal who have larger Wings rather than hands and can fly high in the earth with their beautiful body structure made for flying in the air.

I have been very good if I got a body like a bird and also get used things like a bird with the help of which I can fly in the air and can find most of the time in the air.

Birds are the oviparous animals which give birth to and child in the form of eyes, and they are a warm-blooded animal and belong to a species of vertebrate animals.

The bird flies by slapping their Wings against the wind because of which they fly high in the air and do not fall on earth.

It is seen that some words continuously flat together their wings and some are the bird which does not like the wings For a longer time rather than they just flap their Wings at the start and rest of the time teachers glide in the air.

I am going to be a bird I will pass decide which word to become and it is found that the Eagle is the strongest bird and leaves a beautiful life and is also a national bird of some countries.


If I would have been a word my life would have various advantages that are I did not have to walk a long distance for traveling rather than I would have this class my Wings and move to the Planes through the air.

That has also been no problem of food as I can eat anything available outside my house and also eat while flying and also could catch the fishes from Cup on wildly in which would have great fun in eating them.

There is also no need for vehicles to travel as I can reply with my speed which is greater than the medical.

I would have enjoyed the view from the sky as it is an adventurous view to look from and birds eye how does it look.

There would be no problem of studies as but do not study but they only learn to fly and the fly high in the sky and also eat food what every cat and they don’t have much stress in their life rather than the human beings whose life is stressful.


With so many advantages of would have been vegan disadvantages to my life if I was a bird I would have different of various things available for the human being feature not available for the birds, for example, a better food which is available for human beings but it is not available for the birds as they eat anything they found and they also do not have a source of water.

I would have also deprived of the entertainment provided to the human beings like by watching movie and hearing song and as I am a boy I cannot watch a movie and songs on the phones.

There is a major danger to the light of the word as they can be hunted by and Hunter for food or as a display in a cage as due to which the word has to fly very carefully without coming in any IOS and the hunter.

The birds do not have a proper shelter which is a great problem during the days of Summer and the rainy season, human beings have a proper shelter in which they do not get wet but if I am a bird and staying on a tree, I would easily get wet and would make VC of my health.

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