Essay On Hockey For Students & Children In Simple English

Hockey is a very famous sport worldwide which is being played outdoor with a curved stick and a ball. Hockey is the national game of our India and basically, this game hockey is being played in India since the rules of British and the British Empire made this game popular.

It is one of the Ancient sport of world as there are many pieces of evidence of playing hockey in ancient Egypt about four thousand years ago as it was a game which is played between Warriors for the victory of the kingdom and also sometimes for fun.

Hockey is a game which is played by 11 players each in two teams. Hockey is mostly played in three types such as the hockey which is played in the field the Bandy hockey and the Ice Hockey which is played on ice.

Rules Of Hockey

There are three types of Hockey is being played that is field Hockey Ice Hockey and Bandy hockey in the field Hockey match is consist of the two halves each half is of 35 minutes.

11 players play on both team and there is a goalkeeper who is there to save the goal of the oppositions and the simple rule is to score goals in the target of the opposition.

Every goal is consist of only one point and while scoring a goal or while playing hockey the ball should be touched to the front side of the stick.

There are two umpires who are on the field and there is also one umpire in the scorer table who writes the score.

Also, there is a rule that players should not touch the ball with any part of the body as touching the ball with the body counts as a foul in hockey. By playing the ball in a dangerous way is also a foul.

And when there is a foul a free hit is given to the opposite team. When the defender or any player hit his opposite player or shoot him in a defending circle the opposite team is awarded a penalty corner.

Other Types Of Hockey

As there are three types of Hockey the field Hockey is played more and the other two types of are Bandy hockey and Ice Hockey in the Bandy hockey it is played with the ball on a football pitch size area and the rules of the Bandy Hockey is similar to the association football.

This Bandy hockey sport is usually played in Russia and Sweden countries as it is not played internationally.

The Other type of playing hockey is the ice hockey that is played with two teams while the players are skating on a flat area of Ice and they have a rubber is called a puck instead of the ball. The sport of Ice hockey is most popular in Canada Finland Slovakia and in many countries.

Hockey In India

As Hockey is the national sport of our India but it is played less in India as compared to cricketer as cricket is more played here but nowadays there is huge growth in playing of Hockey game in India as India is taking part in many championships and there are also many Championship titles that India has won in hockey.

Many players from different parts of our India are taking part in this hockey game and winning the championship for our country and in future, our India would be a great country in playing hockey.

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