Essay On Hobby For Students & Children In Simple English

Hobby is the favorite activity of a person or habit that he has a choice to do when he is in free time and the things that are being done regularly for the pleasure and enjoyment of a person. Every person has a different type of hobby with him, and there is a choice within a person who chooses his favorite activity to do when he is in free time, and the things that give him enjoyment is the favorite hobby of a person. There are many different hobbies that are being done by the people like reading books painting music playing football cricket some people like to swim in their free time and also there are many hobbies that are done by the people for the enjoyment in their free time, and this hobby of the people gives enjoyment and pleasure throughout the day.

My hobby

Different types of hobbies that are being done by the people and my favorite hobby is to read books newspapers novels and many different types of books I love to read whenever I am in my free time as it always gives me pleasure while reading books and because of this my mind get stress free and my day gets well spent. There are different types of books like novels general knowledge book and many magazines newspapers that are written by the authors, and many other different types of goods are being with me and I like to read all those types of books as they get me motivated and gives me a positive attitude while reading this book and it can be a very good habit to read books as it makes to practice our language and it also create interest in reading for us.

This habit of reading books has been taught to me by my parents as when I was small they have got many different types of books for me, and I like to read all this type of book from my childhood and when I become older this becomes a great hobby for me of reading books. When I was young, I used to read some adventurous storybooks and many different types of storybooks, but when I get older, I like to read many science fiction books knowledgeable books and their also many books which is used to provide knowledge to us and are very helpful for us.

Pleasure while reading

Reading books can give happiness to the people, and people get busy in free time while reading books and get knowledge as well as it can be a good source of enjoyment which gives us inspiration knowledge and the instructions as well to be disciplined and loyal and punctual in our life. So as books that also many different types of hobbies that are being practiced by many people which give happiness to them in their free time and help them to be a good person in their life and to be a successful person ahead.

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