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Haritha haram is an isn’t campaign which was launched by the state of Telangana by the Chief Minister of Telangana Sri Chandra Sekhar Rao on 3rd July in 2015.

The Haritha Haram campaign was all about planting crores of saplings of plants to increase the greenery and also increase the forest cover which will help in decreasing the pollution and also give fullness to the environment and save it from global warming.

The state of Telangana has 24% of the cover of greenery and AIMS for 32% of greenery for the next upcoming years and has started this great plantation programme.

The main aim of the Haritha haram campaign is to maintain the ecological balance as nowadays the forest cover is getting less due to the use of it for residential purpose or putting business factories which reduces weight and increases the residential area which in turn disturbs the ecological balance as the animals do not get the shelter for leaving and they come in the cities and towns and attack people.


The Haritha haram campaign has a great revolution in the infrastructure of the Telangana state and increase the forest cover also known as green cover to and greater extent and has made a fool environment in Telangana.

The Haritha haram campaign has also provided shelter to the animals due to which they are living in the forest and do not come in the cities and towns for attacking people due to which there is major peace for the people living in Telangana.

Due to this plantation campaign, the amount of rainfall has also increased, and also the problem of water shortage has decreased, and also it has played a vital role in decreasing the global warming which is a major problem and needs to be solved by every City, every Nation, and the whole world.


The Haritha haram campaign Hey Shona grade progress in the following here and there are given reports at and specific interval which increases the progress rate of the campaign.

Now also Sri Bhim Shankar Rao has done many surprise visits to watch the progress of Haritha haram campaign and also when to solve the involvement of the elected representatives for the campaign.

It has also been the plan to plant about 46 crores of saplings this season by the government.

The Haritha haram campaign has put their greater efforts in increasing the forest cover and also boosting the ecological balance in Telangana.

There is not only taken care that the sapling should be planted, but it is also taken care that the plant should receive water even in the dry weather by various means and methods.


The conclusion of the Haritha haram campaign is about involving the representatives and also the citizens of Telangana in developing the City by planting saplings and making their City green and free from pollution.

There were also many funds available for the protection of the saplings which were planted on the occasion of Haritha haram campaign.

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