Essay On Hard Work Is The Key To Success For Students & Children In Simple English

Hard work is the key to success this proverb is said that to achieve success or to achieve a goal in our life we should do hard work in our life to achieve such milestone, and without hard work, there is nothing in our life.

As we can see that there are many people who are successful in their life, and we only see their success but we did not see their hard work and struggle that they have been in the initial stage when there is need of them they put on all the hard work to achieve this success and the goal that has been set by them and at last by doing this hard work they set a major success in their life and become a great person. When we set a goal in our life, we should be focused in it and should give all our strength and hard work on the goal to achieve target as hard work is the price that we would pay for our success, and our life gives us the gift by getting our goal.

We set major goals in our life and want to live our future in a luxurious lifestyle and that is why we should work hard now in our initial stage as if we work now it will get a great future and can be a graded result in our future as well and if we are not focused now and only setting the targets and goals and by this we are not able to achieve anything in our life as success will be declined by us. It has been said that the work is worship and a man is born to work and be prosper in his life if we worked very hard in the present we would get a great future tomorrow, and we should make the best time of it. Only a man should be live in his presence and forget about tomorrow and do hard work regularly by this there will be a great day for him.

We can see that there are many people who are been successful in their life for example we can say that our Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was a great Prime Minister after independence we only knew his success but he has worked for 17 hours per day to achieve this success and he worked regularly without any holiday day and night for his freedom of the country. And also there are many freedom fighters who are worked for us to get the independence of our country and because of their hard work, India got independence.

So it can be said as the hard work that has been done by the people is useful for their future and to make a great future ahead, a man should do his work properly and be focused in all his life to be a successful person.

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