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Harappan pottery designs are one of the famous designs all over the world. Even today if we try to find the craftsmanship of the designs, it’s not even possible to make it by hands or machines till today, because the craft men were so advanced working on their artwork.

When was Harappan civilization

Well, this is a very big question which is not answerable to most of the people because they are unaware that the Harappan civilization was a part of India after the partition, some part of Harappan civilization got divided into Pakistan and the most of the part is still in India. If we try to find it on the map you will find that the Harappan civilization city is situated in India.

What was Harappan Civilisation?

Well, the Harappan civilization was one of the most advanced civilizations. It was a time when the technology was not even introduced to humankind but the citizens of Harappan were so much advanced in the daily routine work that they do not even need any kind of technology to work for them.

You can imagine that the Harappan civilization was the first civilization who had a drainage system in their home so that the whole water which they are using for bathing, washing, clothes, and taking baths all the water should be drained out from the city and collected in the wastewater pot. This was the level of technology which they used to use such an early age.

Harappan famous for

Now you must be having a question that why was Harappan civilization famous for? Well, it was famous for its advanced technology but there was one more reason because of which this civilization was so much famous, well, it was none other than the marketing of Harappan civilization. Harappan was the center of the market, it was one of the famous places for the people who want to do trading of their goods and products.

It was one of the top places where everyone can get whatever they want it could be something international or something from India itself. All the big dealers used to come to the Harappan to sell their products and buy something new for their countries.

Harappan civilization was very much famous for its market and this was the reason that every dealer big or small knew about the Harappan market.

Harappan pottery

Harappan was also famous for its craftsmanship. People from all over the world used to come just for the artwork which was done by the Harappan people. The craftsmanship was one of the famous things in Harappan because all the work which was done on the ports was done by hands and the creativity on it was explainable.

So people coming from all over the world to watch the creativity of the Harappan people because the work which was done by the craftsman of Harappan was something different and it could give them a very good amount of money in their countries.

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