Essay On Girl Child Education For Students & Children In Simple English

It is very much important in a girl education as there was a time when most of the people thought that there is not necessary to educate a girl but in this, today’s world girls have proved their knowledge, and they are being fitted to provide education as compared to men.

This age is the awakening of the girls as they are trying to compete with men in all fields of life.

In the past, it was said that the girl should be in the home and it was not necessary to educate a girl, and by seeing this in this present world, the girls have changed their life in everything as today’s girl are getting an equal number of respect as compared to men.

Girl education is also a great advantage for a family as when there is an only girl child in a family, and she is educated she can solve the family problems by getting money income and solve all the problems of the family as well.

Problems For Girl Education

In the past, people used to say that they should not spend their money on the girl education as it is a wastage of their money as a girl has to marry and has to go to the other family, so they think that it is a wastage of money to educate the girl.

Not only this but there are many problems for the girl education as there are lack of education for girls and women in many of the countries and these results in the number of barriers that are outlined even today.

In many countries girls are only allowed to go to school if there is a female teacher who is teaching them if a male teacher is teaching they are not allowed to go to the school as their mind set has been set that they should not go to a male teacher as they would not be able to disclose their issues and thoughts more openly with the male teacher.

The girl education is to provide the education to the girl and giving girls the power to exercise autonomy over destiny.

Education of a girl is very much necessary as a well-educated woman can make the future of the country bright, and they also needed a proper upbringing by their parents their thoughts should be clear, and they should be aware of their duties and responsibility.

Girl Education In India

Girls have proved their work in all walks of the life as compared to the man as they are the same kind of a man and also by doing their work in the other field they also do their home duties as well.

There are many girls from the past who are given education and their parents educate their girl with all the things that they provide to a boy, and there is no comparison between a girl and a boy in India at present.

The progress of a country depends on the girl education and so because of this education of a girl should be encouraged and there are also many families who are not able to educate their girls because of their poor income so government should arrange some of the policies for this type of girls and provide free education to them so because of that if a girl is educated then it can do the progress of our country.

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