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Friendship is and type of relation attachment. Friendship is one of the important and a relationship which takes place between two friends which can be of the same age or different ages that is there is no age bar for friendship.

Friendship is a relation in which you live an adventurous life as you learn many new things from the brand and also leave different Lifestyle with your friends by sharing your things with each other.

Friendship is the relation in which you not only share the things, but you share your whole life and also share your views with each other and also have the long talk with each other and sharing all day moments that have happened with you.

Scientific research has found that the friendship is done during the primary age of the child which is the school life as in school life there are many students in our class, and also they are very social to each other which increase the rate of friendship with each other.


There are major two types of friendship one of them is strong and true friendship which cannot be broken and continuous to your whole life, and nobody can break it as you have complete faith on each other and also do not give a chance to break the faith.

In true friendship, if you get another friend you never forget your best friend as he is the most important friend in your life which is with you all the time and also support you every time.

Another one is General friendship it is a type of friendship which occurs very easily and not given much importance as you have many general friends you just know something about them and they become your friend just by talking for some time and sharing a small time with each other.


Friendship is one of the important types of relationship which place an influential role which means that you are being influenced by your friend and your friend is influenced by you, and it is very necessary to choose the right friend and avoid friends who are not good.

Friendship is also an important type of relation in which you help each other at any problem which might be bigger or small but you never fail to help each other.

As in friendship, you share everything you also share your important skills and also make your friend to learn them which makes both of them a good skillful person which makes their life develop.

As you share everything and every movement of your life they what is a stress buster which removes stress from your brain and makes you happy in divert your mind which is very important when you are in stress.


Friendship is very important, but it is necessary that you should do friendship with a better person rather than doing it with the homeless person and spoiling your own life.

Friendship is UN General relation which is made by every person in the world, but there are some people in the world who are not able to make friends due to some problems and sometimes because of their behavior.

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