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Forest is the place which as the very huge place and it is covered by the trees which can’t be seen where we are living, many of the huge trees, different types of animals, birds, insect, flowers, fruits, and many more things get to see in the forest, it is the big gift of the god and as many of the importance in the life of the people, as we all know that the forest plays the important role in the life of the humans and the animals also, the life of the animals and their livelihood is besides in the forest only and with the help of the forest only the life of the man is going in a flowing manner.

Importance Of The Forest  

Forest plays an efficient role in the life of the people because there are many of the things which we get from the forest and the home of the animals is also the forest, so there are many of the importance of the forest they are as follows:

  • Atmosphere Purification

The trees are that source in which this all the trees in the forest help the pollution to bring in the control because they take out the pollution from the air, and then they purify the air in their manner, that is common and the all the people are aware that the trees inhale the carbon dioxide and they exhale the oxygen, in the same manner, they inhale all the harmful substances from the air and make the atmosphere the clear and neat.

  • Climate Control

The climate is also controlled by the forest as the Amazon forest always as the rainfall, and then the trees and the soil regulates the control in the climate the temperature in the forest area is very much cool and fresh because they are controlled by the trees by the process of evapotranspiration.

  • Habitat Of The Animals

There are many of the biodiversity in the forest so all the nutrients are getting with the help of the forest all the animals and the wild animals home are the forest, and they are safeguarded by the help of the forest.

  • Source Of Wood

Humans also cut the tree for the purpose of the wood because the tree wood is used in many of the ways that are for the making of the furniture for building of the house and many of the purpose the woods are used and this is the real fact that the forest has the more useful for the animals and also for the animals.

The Problem Did By The Humans For The Forest 

Now the deforestation is done by the people that means the cutting down of the trees in which the world has loosed the half of the forest which is the bad sign to the world and all the forest are cut, and then at that place there is the creation of the building in the same place, people should get to know the importance of the forest in their life, because the forest is the life.

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