Essay On Fire Accident For Students & Children In Simple English

Fire accidents are the accident which does not cause very common but when they take place they would cause a great damage and destruction and because of this, it can take someone’s life as well. The fire is made up of a chemical reaction which emits the heat and light and it is very dangerous when people touch the Fire.

Fire can be said as a very useful thing for the people but as it is used it can also be dangerous as well as it can take the life of people when the people are in contact with the Fire. Fire can we lit through the matchsticks that are being rubbed with the Matchbox but in the past, the fire is been created by rubbing two stones with each other and mostly at that time fire is being used as a light. As it can use light and also it can be used by the people in the cold as because of the fire people mostly get warm by sitting beside the fire.

Uses Of Fire

Fire is used in many things mostly the fire is used for cooking in the home or in the campfire as well but with it use it is also dangerous. When the people are mostly close to the fire they can cause fire accident and can get burnt so we should always maintain some distance with the Fire.

In the recent past time there are many fire accident cases that are being seen and mostly it has been caused because of the people that are maintaining closeness with the fire as some fire accidents are in the campfire as the adults to go for the adventure mostly do the campfire and while taking the warm from the fire mostly this type of accidents are being seen in the recent times has they been very close to the Fire. Fire should also be not lit in the petrol pumps as when there is the fire lit in the petrol as it can attract fire very quickly and it can create a great explosion.

A Fire Accident

Such type of fire accident is being held at my locality as it was 10 o’clock in the night and my neighbourhood building had caught fire as I heard many screams of people from neighborhood I go down and look that many people are rushing towards the burning house the fire started to spread within the first floor within no time and many people were pouring water to decrease the fire and also many people were trying to control the fire by throwing blankets on it but the fire was going more and more and it was a terrible sight to see.

There were two floors on the building and because of the fire many peoples were trapped on the second floor and they are not able to come down and because of this many people were screaming for the help and in that I made my parents tried to call the fire brigade. And within no time the fire brigade has come and it took about 10 to 15 minutes to go off the fire as it was a terrible accident that has been happened in our locality.

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