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World ozone day is celebrated on 16th of September throughout the world and on this day the country celebrated or been made aware that what is the importance of the ozone layer to the environment and the living organisms living in it, today we get to know the importance of the ozone layer because there are many of the holes in the ozone layer which is making the effect for the nature and the living things which are living in the earth, so this is all the effects of the greenhouse gases created by the humans which are very dangerous to our health and also to the earth.

The ozone layer is the ultraviolet raises which control the more effect of the sunrise, because the more raise of the sun raise causes the skin diseases and many of the problem as the sunrise is very important that way only there is the negativity of the sun, so the ozone layer plays a very much important role to protect the living things on the planet earth.

Why Is The International Ozone Layer Day Celebrated?  

This day has been selected to make the people aware of the importance of the ozone layer which are getting whole and tis all the destruction of the ozone layer are due to the pollution factor and this is because of the air pollution made by the humans and the greenhouse effect which is causing many of the problems to the ozone layer tis will badly make the effect on the humans only so to make them aware all the people are gathered on this day to make the value of the ozone layer for the people, and the effect will be very much dangerous on the people because the pollution factor is creating the ozone layer depletion, people are not thinking of the environment and their importance rather than that they are simply destroying the natural factors in the planet earth this will be dangerous for us only.

How Is The Ozone Layer Day Celebrated?   

There are now many of the importance get to the people about the value of the ozone layer because we are safe today then the layer above the atmosphere is the help in the true sense and in India this day is celebrated by the students of the schools and the colleges, universities, some of the people gathered together to celebrate this day and give the importance to the students in the schools and the colleges, in the true sense the media and the social media are also taking their initial part in the protection of the ozone layer.

All should come forward to help the importance of the layer if this will lost then the rise of the sun will make the planet earth to burst and this is our duty that we should maintain all the proper preservation of the ozone layer as much as possible this will make the ozone layer to live longer for the next period.

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Updated: February 5, 2019 — 9:39 am

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