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Women are the greatest fighter of all time. In India, women are compared to Devi. Indian Michael’s logical stories have so many reasons to compare a woman from God.

Indian Women’s

If we are talking about the empowerment of women we should never forget that how much an Indian woman has suffered in his past. Indian women were not even allowed to take their own decisions of their life. All the decisions were taken by the man and the woman just have to follow the decision.

But as India got freedom even the woman got their own freedom. They understood that in the Indian government Constitution both men and women are given equal rights and equal standard of living. It time to understand but it wasn’t too late.

Education of Woman’s

To explain the empowerment of moments the first thing which should be done was to educate each and every woman. In the olden days, a woman was only there to maintain your house they were not supposed to study or get involved with any kind of social activities.

This kind of situation was there in India in the olden days.  But still today after so much of awareness. There are women who do not understand their power against the injustice which is happening in front of them or with them.

There are so many NGOs and people who are ready to help the woman who wants to work with the whole country. Today the opportunity is there to help them out but the first step towards it has been taken by themself at the woman are not ready to take the help no one can push them for it.

A Woman’s Achievement

Today women have achieved so many things in so many categories that we are proud to announce that the woman is equal to the men. If it is about to become a prime minister of India yes a woman has even succeeded to become a prime minister of India.

Being a part of the Indian army or being a part of Indian Air Force women are now everywhere and making us feel proud and sacrificing their life just like an Indian. Today women are equal to the man no one can compete for a woman in any race.

The Sacrifices of a Woman

Comments on the sacrifice of their dreams for their family. It is the responsibility of the family to at least make sure that the dreams which a woman sees could be completed. In a family, if dad is supporting you financially the mother is the backbone of that family which gathers everyone together and walks.

If all the women’s come together and stand for anything they could be unstoppable. Today or tomorrow no one can stop them if they understand the power of women’s empowerment. We just need the knowledge and a little support from us and just see what they can do and what they can achieve.

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