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When a woman starts in participating in all sectors in creating their economy, improve quality of life and bring gender equality is said as women empowerment.

Only for the namesake women is given the priority in India but on the other hand, women face many problems in daily life. They not only face challenges at home but also in the workplace.

What Is Women Empowerment

Women get an equal status like men only for the name, but still, they struggle a lot. In this modern world, women empowerment is essential for every woman. Every woman should get a proper environment to make the right decision; they should get appropriate space for themselves.

Literacy Rate

There is a vast gap in the literacy ratio of men and women in India. The literacy percentage of men is 81.3% whereas women have only 60.6%. The reason for this vast gap is many girls are denied from education because of the poverty, gender discrimination or lack of school in remote control areas.

Low education keeps them away from achieving their ambition. As women are not well educated, they cannot earn for themselves and are forced for marriage at a very early age.

Importance Of Women Empowerment

For a Bright Future- There is not any work which women cannot do. She somewhere has the unique ability to perform the task. She is meant one of the resources to create a bright future for her family and herself.

Independent- Many times women face personal as well as the social problem. So to overcome all those problems they should be independent first. They should earn money for their livelihood.

Reduce Violence

When women are empowered, educated there are fewer chances of crime against her. If a crime happens, she is well trained to raise voice against the evil and can make herself to get justice.

Educate Others

It is indeed said that a woman makes any impossible things possible. If she is educated, it will help a lot for the family. She has the potential to fight for the good for her and her family.

When she is literate, she passes on the education to others, and also she spread much good awareness which is necessary for others.

Stop Violence Against Women

Since ancient times it is seen that men are dominating over women in every aspect. From the olden times, we have found many evil practices which are imposed for women. Here women are suppressed every time at their home and even at their workplace.

Women empowerment is very much essential; women have the capabilities to understand every advantage and disadvantage of any matter. As compared to men’s women are capable enough of solving any impulsive violence.

Our modern society is much proved regarding women’s rights.

Government Act

The government has imposed many facilities for women. Also, if any injustice happens with the women, a strict action can be taken.


One should get rid of the evil practices against women which is practice from the ancient time till now. We should always encourage women to fulfill their dream.

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